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Read a book. It is good for the mind and body.

21 Jan 2022: I sold my extra drone for what I asked for. It only took two days and most of that time, the buyer was out crabbing so as soon as he came back to port, the deal was finalized.

I see that local Government is getting ready to control the population even more that what they have already controlled. They are getting ready to regulate all drone flying, especially on all beaches targeting State and Federal parks which will encompass most of the shoreline in Curry County. I don`t plan on restricting my drone flying on the beaches until such time these liberal commissioners get their act together and enforce the regulation already on the books such as dogs running around without leash and crapping all over the beach. When they start enforcing the runaway dogs on the beach, then I`ll consider whether I want to stop flying my drone on the beach.

17 Jan 2022: How time flies when you get bored and find nothing to do that is exciting. I found a couple of pieces of spruce full of knots so I`m trying to split them using a splitting wedge and my 10 pound splitting maul. It`s working but a lot of pounding. I`ll finish it up tomorrow.

11 Jan 2022: I just read news that the state of Utah has banned trail cams on public property which would be the same as US Forest Service property here in Oregon. This is government overreach like they did to the logging industry in California with the phoney Spotted Owl crap.

04 Jan 2022: Hell of a storm swept through our region the last two days with a total of 9 inches of rain here on our gauge. The winds were hurricane force exceeding 75 mph and some gusts over 90 mph. Lots of trees down and our yard and roof are full of branches some exceeding 8 inches in dia. We lost power for 18 hours, no lights, water, telephone, television and Internet. But our generator was used for the first time which made it a little easier to manage this storm.

Covid and its variances are all over exaggerated by our stupid government in order to keep their power over the people. The teachers union has a big part in this lie so they don`t have to teach our children. The government, and other fecal matter claiming to be humans don`t want to relinquish any power and they will lie and have bowel movements to stoke fear in the population in order to have control. I`m surprised Biden lasted this long. We`ll see if he makes it through 2022

I`m looking for a 22 cal semi-auto pistol, Ruger type style. I'm willing to trade a Taurus 22 cal with a 2 inch bbl. Clip holds 8 rds of 22LR and a total of 9 rds with one in the Bbl. Less than 10 rds fired through it. I have one Ruger style pistol but it seems to be lost.

I need to start writing and finising up the books and stories I`ve started. Life seems to be in a hurry so I need to just sit down and finish all that I`ve started. I`ll be concentrating on more personal stories instead of true crime. I`m kind of burned out on my crime adventures. My books are still selling over in Japan for some reason. I get my royalities through Amazon.