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Riots, not Protests

The news media are calling this unrest as a protest when in fact, it's nothing but a riot, looting and wild monkey thugs doing what they do best, beating their chest. CNN and other liberal media are blaming the riots on White Supremacist. Really? Look at the crowds in all these cities and you will see that the majority of the thugs and looters are blacks. They are not there in memory of George Floyd, only to take advantage of the situation. They know the cops will do nothing to them and as in times past, even those who were arrested were never prosecuted and the thugs know this. Cops are afraid to do anything and even retreated and gave up one of their precincts and the thugs destroyed the precinct and burned it down.

ANTIFA and the other anarchists need to feel some hurt, like rubber bullets, more tear gas and night sticks along side their heads. Why do they get away with what they are doing without consequence. Rubber bullets aimed at the rioters groins would do some work in slowing them down and maybe even preventing them from procreating for awhile or ever. They need to feel a night stick across their skull. They need to taste blood, their own blood as it drips from their head. They need to feel their bones being broken with well placed hits from the batons. They should be given no mercy. They are rabid animals and should be treated as such. What ever happened to water cannons? Those would disperse a crowd quickly.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, 10 people were murdered in Chicago and another 36 people were shot. Where is the outrage over these murders? Where are the protesters condemning the killers. I don't think any charges have been brought against anyone there. Where are the news media on these killings?

Looking for a Tree: Frame off of an old video (why its blurry)

Arizona: Frame off of an old video (why its blurry)


The trail of my books.

My brain starts clicking with some ideas of an adventure I've had in life and from there, I start making notes. Little pieces of papers lying about with a paragraph or two about something I remembered. After awhile, these pieces of paper get cluttered all over and I decide to start writing about what I have noted.

First a few orgainized chapters, some revisions then continue to other chapters, more revisions until I think I have a viable manuscript to start thinking about publishing it. After reading it over a couple of times, I finally think it's ready to send my completed, formatted manuscript to the printers. I then start designing a front and back cover for the manuscipt.

Once all is uploaded, the printing company rechecks it and then formats it to their liking and I fill in all the information about the book and between the printers and myself, a price is set. Once that is done, I go to PayPal

I make a "Buy Button" with PayPal and with the information about the book and button, it's placed on one of my web pages along with an image of the cover of the book. It's now ready for retail sales.

Once the book is published, I get sent a draft copy to do a final check. From there, the printers do not print anymore of the book until one is ordered. We set up ordering though us and PayPay and when an order comes in, we do all the processing with the printers and the book is sent directly to those who ordered it. We do not have a stockpile of books in our possession. Having no bulk inventory is what makes our books a little expensive.

If anyone landing on this page has a manuscript or handwritten story they would like published by us, send us an email and we'll quote you a price for all the work and one book sent to you covered by the set price we quoted.

04 May 2020: I check my manuscripts and finished book products and found they had all been wiped out due to formating change with the printers. Lots of work down the drain. I think a few of my books can be found on Kindle. I am in the process of rewriting some of my books and they should be available soon.

Mass Murder, The Ship Ashore Killings (Paperback)

The Ship Ashore murders were, by far, the most heinous crime to take place in Del Norte County at the time. Bodies and blood everywhere, people screaming, hiding, running, and crawling under cars in the parking lot to hide from the sniper. We didn't know where he was within the complex when we arrived at the scene. We did know he had a high powered rifle, which gave him the advantage over our small arms and shotguns.

But we had to move in on the complex. We had to find him and also his victims to determine if any were still alive. A day of extreme animated exhilaration, high blood pressure and determination of those in charge of finding the man who did this. It was also a sad day for me. Of the seven victims, I personally knew five of them.

Danielle, Girl in the Culvert, (Paperback)

An unidentified female body found in a culvert. The story takes you through the investigation in search for her killer. Here is an excerpt from the book.

In the predawn hours of a Canadian morning, detective Tardif and I drove to the provincial prison on the outskirts of Quebec City. The air was thick with mist, a steamy looking froth covering the ground. Morning dew could be seen sparkling from the light of the moon. It gave the countryside a mystical look bordering on medieval.

The prison itself appeared to have been built before the turn of the 20th century with its stone walls and castle like towers on each corner. Razor wire was glistening from the light of the moon on its downward trajectory across the sky. Across the tops of the 20 foot stone perimeter walls surrounding the old buildings inside, stood sentinels, armed guards, to keep those inside at bay.

Very few lights were on, adding to the eerie scene before us. Between the pending sunrise and the mist flowing up from the ground, you would think you were in the 15th century. It was a cold looking place.



Gentlemens Choice
Calls by Braz