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Merry Christmas

09 Dec 2018: Firewood Hunting

09 Dec 2018: Looking West from high in the hills hunting firewood.

To preserve, to share, to enjoy. Isn't that the reason we take photographs in the first place?

11 Dec 2018

Nancy Pelosi, you know that so called human in the House of Representatives who walks like she has a shovel handle up her butt needs to be dealt with. The damn house democrats are so afraid of her they will do and say anything to please her instead of looking out for the people they are supposed to represent. If I knew how to hack things, I would collect all the addresses of democrats in the house and Senate and send the list south of the border and pass them out to every damn gate crasher trying to illegally get into out country with a welcome card. Maybe we could set up tent cities in the exclusive neighborhoods of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and many other sanctuary cities of these feeble minded liberals and see just how serious they are about these poor “Refuges” living next to them. But I can’t just blame the democrats since the republicans have the majority in the house and senate and they can’t seem to get the job done. One of these days, we might have a government to will look out for the “We the People”.

10 Dec 2018

Sunday I was out of the house at 7 am and cutting wood by 8 am up near Quail Prairie Lookout. I had to cut down a large fir tree because the one I cut down a couple of weeks ago was gone. Someone had found it and cut it up and hauled it away. It was clear and lots of front on the ground when I got there but by 10 am, the rain started and within the hour it was a downpour. The road I had driven to get to the wood was starting to look like a river so decided I had enough wood so drove out of this old logging road to the main forest service road with my load of wood. Down the mountain I went looking forward to getting home to unload and do the cutting to length for burning.

About 10 miles from home, I heard a loud noise coming from behind me. I looked in the side view mirror and saw that my trailer tire was flat and trying to come off the rim. I found a wide spot and pulled over. My plan was to jack the trailer up, take the tire off, take it into town for repair and come back and haul my trailer load of wood to the house. One problem.....One of the lug nuts was frozen solid and I could not get it to unscrew. The lug wrench I had was a tad larger than the nut and all I was doing was rounding it off. Several cuss words later, I tried to call my wife to maybe get someone to come up and help. Another problem, no cell phone service where I was at. More cuss words...........to be continued

And now the rest of the story : I unhooked the trailer and headed for home. Once there, I got my heavy duty socket set, mainly used for commercial use and headed back to the trailer. The heavy duty socket and ratchet worked and I was able to get the tire off. Then I remembered there are no such things as "Service Stations” and the only tire companies are closed on Sundays. Crap. I blocked the trailer up, backed the 4-Runner up to it and loaded as much as I could in the back. I was able to load up about half the trailer load and headed for home. My only hope was my trailer wouldn't be stolen overnight. Monday morning at 8 am, I took the tire into Les Schwab and they told me the tire couldn't be repaired so I bought a new tire and headed back to the trailer. It was still there but the wood I left in the trailer was gone. They stole my wood but I was happy the trailer was still there. I put the new tire on, hooked up the trailer and it's now parked next to my carport ready for another adventure.

07 Dec 2018

Very few people remember this date. In 1941, on this date, we entered WWII with the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor. There was hardly anything on television. All the networks were interested in was the current state of politics. It won't be long before we forget about September 11, 2001.

Well, we got our tree. It's an 8 footer and still looks small in our living room. It's a noble fir and has the perfect shape. It's all decorated and a few more decorations are still to be put up around the house but all in all, it's done. Thank goodness.

Dog Town is thriving. That is the name we've given Brookings. Seems like every business allows dogs, dirty, stinky and about every multi-breed you can think of. Even dentists and doctor offices are allowing dogs in their business. The grocery stores all allow dogs to roam about freely. I'm sick of this love of dogs over human health. I was sitting in a doctor's office a few weeks ago when this woman came in with this dirty dog, half of it's hair gone, sitting in the waiting room scratching constantly. I'm sure fleas and other vermin were jumping off. I moved and told the receptionist this shouldn't be allowed and like everyone says when you complain about dogs where they shouldn't be, "They are service dogs and we can't question them". Bullshit again. I confront these dog lovers with their so called service dogs. I was in the grocery store one day when this woman in a motorized chair came in and she had three dogs on leashes and one in her lap. I complained to the manager and he told me she says they are all service dogs. Bullshit II.

04 Dec 2018

Overcast this morning at 41 degrees with a stiff north wind. Feels colder. Have to do some wood splitting today and that will be the end of our last load. We've been burning a lot of wood just to keep our fire going this time of year. Always like to see a blazing fire during the holidays. I have to think about getting a Christmas tree as the month will be passing by quickly if I don't pay attention. I might even start my Christmas shopping early and not wait until Christmas Eve.

I don't know what the hell is going on with Spectrum (Charter) but last night I lost most of my channels and this morning the channels were back but my Internet is about as fast as Dial Up I had years ago. Spectrum raised their rates again and their service is getting worse. You call them with a complaint and all they tell you is to unplug the power source and leave it unplugged for 40 seconds and that would fix the problem. Bullshit !!!!

03 Dec 2018

Wow, how time flies. I'm so busy doing nothing; I just can't work anything in my busy daily schedule. This morning it was 32 degrees and frost everywhere. I was out splitting wood and nearly froze by you know what off. What remained of my cucumbers were frozen and black. I was hoping to get a few more of them before I pulled the remainder of the plants. Don't have to think about them until next spring.

I'm starting to get tired of Facebook. It's turning into a social media site for dogs. So many people post dog pictures. I didn't see anything on the local Facebook pages about the pit bull attack here where this dammed dog attached another dog and it's owner. Are they afraid that saying something would damage the good character of this dog. This dog has had many encounters with people, biting a few. It's time to shoot the worthless dog. Don't try and tell me the dog deserves to live. He is a danger to people and should be shot on sight.

29 Nov 2018

I'm not happy with the wildlife around here. I went outside this morning to split wood and noticed one of my gloves missing. I eventually found it about 150 feet from the house laying in a puddle of water. I'm sure it was a fox that did that. My glovers are all leather so the animai smelled the leather and mistook it as a small rodent. I found a few teeth marks in the glove. Its now drying at the fireplace. Leather takes a long time to dry so hopefully it will be dry by tomorrow.

We've been having some strange things happening in town. In the last few days, women coming out from the grocery store have been followed by homeless type individuals. They would follow the women all the way to where they had their cars parked. One of the women called 9.1.1. But by the time the police got there, the homeless creeps had disappeared. Ironically, the police station is only a block away.

Then at one of the local churches, two citizens pulled up to drop off some stuff. They had two border collies in the bed of their pick up. Then another pickup pulled in and the driver of that pickup got out and had a pit bull in his cab. He tried to put his pit bull in the bed of his pickup but the pit bull got away from him and jumped up and grabbed one of the border collies in the other pickup and pulled it out of the pickup bed it was in. He had the collie by the throat and was dragging it way. When the owner of the collie tried to pull his dog away from the grasp of the pit bull, the pit bull attacked him and ripped his hand apart. The only reason the pit-bull stopped the attack was a bystander at the church turned a water hose on and sprayed the pit-bull. The owner of the pit bull made no attempt to stop his dog from attacking the collie or the owner of the collie. When the pit bull took off running, the owner of the pit bull got in his pickup and left the scene. The police didn't know what to do when they got there. It’s a simple solution, find the pit-bull and shoot the damn thing. Apparently it's attacked others but the damn dog lovers in their community rose up in arms if the city tried to put the damn dog under the ground or in a burner. The dog lovers in this dog town say these "poor" homeless people need protection. Bullshit. If you don't think Brookings is a dog town, check out Facebook for this area. It'a full of dog crap.

28 Nov 2018

In our most recent mid-term election, Republican Dennis Hof was elected to the Nevada State Assembly representing District 36.

In case you haven’t heard, Mr. Hof was a former reality TV star who owned six different brothels, including the famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

Oh… and he had recently died… two weeks BEFORE the election.

That’s right, voters in Nevada found it more palatable to elect a dead, Republican pimp than a living, breathing Democrat.

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