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19 May 2019: One of six bucks in our yard today..

28 Apr 2019: Cutting firewood on Mt Emily.

One of several arrowheads found when I was 11 years old.

This site will be a combination of my daily activities and my political thoughts. It will also have excerpts from my recent books, some of which are now available on Kindle.


19 May 2019 :

Busy day today working in the garage getting stuff ready to throw away. I'm still up in the air about some of my police reports such as the Mass Murder back in 1975 which included all of the officer's reports and crime scene photographs and the Investigative files on the Girl in the Culvert including all the crime scene photographs. I'm sure someone would want them for some reason. I've been throwing away a lot of my narcotic cases including all of the records these dealers kept. Last week I threw away all my law enforcement uniforms. Haven't worn them since I went plain clothes back in 1979. Guess what? They still fit. ha. I also three away my letterman's sweater from high school but kept the varsity letter. Slowly my past is becoming distant and blurry.

15 May 2019 :

I'm a little late in planting a garden but tomorrow I'll be putting in a few tomato plants and some cucumbers. I was thinking about doing this almost a month ago but things happened which kept me busy and never got around to the garden. I did find out there is no other place in Brookings that sharpen chainsaw chains other than Curry Equipment. I'll be finishing u the story on the Triple Murderer this week sometime. Then I'll start on another short story for my blotter page.

14 May 2019 :

Wouldn't you know it, I washed the car and it started raining this morning. Another indication that it was going to rain was we put the cushions out for the lawn chairs on the deck yesterday and now they are all wet. It seems I could be good at bring rain to our mountain. It happens every time I wash the car but I hear other people complain about the same thing.

Social media seem to be taking up most of people's time nowadays. Not many come to my web pages and I'm at a crossroads on whether I should continue with them. The cost of maintaining them seems to go up every year and I hate to pass on that cost to the people I do and maintain web pages for. Just to maintain an add-on domain with a series of pages is now costing $49.99 for a year. I remember when the cost was under $20 dollars for a year. My cost to be able to set up these other domains is over $160 dollars for a year. I have to have that in order to have these add-on domains

11 May 2019 :

Wow, I'm neglecting this site but with all this good weather and tripping over to Medford, just haven't found the time to sit down and type anything. Once good thing, after 4 years this plant has been in the ground, we finally have an artichoke on it. That is a long time to wait for one artichoke. I haven't planted any tomatoes yet or cucumbers but I'll do that next week. I've tilled the ground for them so itís just a matter of purchasing some fertilizer and plants and get it done. I've decided to continue with the triple murder story, as graphic as it is. Check out the link "Blotter" to read it.

06 May 2019:

Typical coastal morning with high fog in the morning and clear skies in the afternoon. Slight south breeze blowing and lots of deer roaming about. I can see a thick fog bank in the direction of the shoreline. I'm starting a new link (The Blotter) to outline some of my experiences as a cop, not that anyone is interested in that sort of thing. The first short story will be about a triple murderer.

04 May 2019: (Political)

I will not shed a tear for the homeless here in our little town. They are sleeping on the sidewalks where you have to walk out into the street to get past them. Itís funny how they all have one or two dogs with them. This evening I saw a couple of them in the local food store helping themselves to open bins of food in the health food aisle. Grabbing handfuls of stuff and putting it into their mouth and looking around to see if anyone was watching. I said a few words to them and got a foul mouth answer back so I reported them to store employees. I'm sure nothing was done as the employees are all afraid of their own shadows on confronting anyone for fear of being accused of discrimination or racist. How times have changed since I was more in the public arena.

02 May 2019: (Political)

Going to be traveling today to the warm part of the state. The liberal media continues to do dumb reporting on the Trump Administration and will continue this crap for the next two years. I've never seen so much sewage coming out of the democrats mouths. If you listen to them, you would swear they are all mentally retarded or have something wrong with their brain.

01 May 2019: (Political)

How many watch what is going on with our congress. Most of what I see is nothing but washed up people who think they are more important than what they really are. Iím not against old people as Iím one of them but when you get to the age where you slur your words, mumble stuff nobody can understand and donít have the knowledge to ask pertinent questions without someone else writing the questions for you and they even have problems reading what is written for them, then itís time to fade off into the sunset and let someone else take care of government business.

Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Jerry Nadler, A.O.Cortez, Rasihida Tlaib and llhan Omar are just a few members who need to be gathered up and put in the nearest dumpster. Iíd have to write a whole page to list all of these democrats who lost most of the gray matter in the outhouse when growing up.

The democrats in the 116th Congress havenít passed any bills to help us poor citizens live better. They are pro-criminal, anti-gun and anti-American. All you have to do is listen for those hollow noises coming out of the chamber where they all sit and you will immediately know they donít know much about anything other than how to collect their government checks..

29 Apr 2019:

I met a couple of Sovereign Citizens yesterday while up cutting firewood. They were nice but their beliefs in Federal Government are a little bazaar to say the least. They were professional wood cutters, meaning they cut firewood to sell. They gave me the location of where they do their cutting telling me they leave a lot of smaller trees as they only bring home large wood to sale. They told me they sold over 200 cords this last winter.

Yesterday I saw a large grouse and a Cooper's Hawk but they were too quick to get photographs. Then I came across a pack rat's housing project. People call them pack rats but they are actually Wood Rats.

28 Apr 2019:

Had a very interesting day. Left the house at daybreak and headed up to Mt Emily to cut wood. The sun came out but it was chilly at 7 am but soon warmed up. I found a down fir tree and cut it to length to fit in my trailer then went hunting for more down trees. I didn't find many so fell a few fir trees and loaded them up. I traveled up about 4 miles behind Mt Emily and came across a couple of mud slides and down trees across the road. So I cut a few pieced from those trees and on my way down the mountain, I spotted what appeared to be a dead tree up the embankment so decided to do the logger thing and hiked up the hill with my chainsaw. I set up the Go-Pro to record the tree falling but for some reason it shut off. Anyway, the tree was well over 100 feet in height and when it came down, it shook the ground around me. The butt cut was 18 inches so the first few cuts were more than my 16 inch bar could handle, supposedly. I left the butt cut and the next length, both about 12 feet in length and then cut the rest of the tree in 4 foot sections to make it easier for me to pack down the hill to the road. After getting all the short cut down the hill, I took my 3/4 inch nylon rope up to the two longer butt cuts and tied my rope to one of them and then down to the road and hooked on to my vehicle. Before I did that, I had to unhook the trailer which was about half full. I had to use my screw jack to lift hitch off the trailer ball and guess what? It fell off the jack. That took me about half an hour to stabilize it. I then hooked the rope to the trailer ball and skidded the first 12 foot log down to the road then did the same with the second 12 foot log. I snapped my rope twice to get these two logs down to the road. In the process of cutting them into fireplace length, I threw the chain on my chainsaw. I finally took the newly sharpened chain I had and put it on the saw and it wouldn't cut worth a crap. I need to find another place that sharpens chains. I can't do it proper and the last time I did it, the saw cut on a 45 degree angle. I have more to write about but I'm tired.



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