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(Above) 1964

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10 Aug 2022: The days are getting boring with the same old things happening every day. Wet fog in the morning, clearing early to fair skies with the temperatures in the low to mid 70`, but what the hell, it`s life.

I forgot to mention in my post on the 8th about the F.B.I. After they ransacked my car and then put everything back in order they stood there talking to each other. One of them had a plastic baggie in his hand filled with something. They then attempted to break into my car again but at that moment, a car pulled into my driveway. It was an off duty highway patrolman. The F.B.I. agents horridly excused themselves and left my property. My friend came to the door and I let him in. I explained to him what had transpired and gave him the key to my car and asked him to do a complete search of my car for anything these agents might have planted. He found nothing. If my friend hadn`t drove in at the time, they would have broke into my car again and planted whatever was in that plastic baggie.

08 Aug 2022: The drive to Crescent City was wet. It looked like rain but it wasn't. Heavy, thick fog where your wipers had to be used the entire trip. But it was a good trip with good news from the doctor. I was told that my arm is okay to start using it again so that is good.

Today, the corrupt F.B.I. raided the private residence of President Trump. 20 cars and 30 agents descended on the residence and broke in then ransacked the house even breaking into his safe. The F.B.I. has been corrupt for many years. They came after me back in the early 1990. I was speaking out against the local government, both city and county and the sheriff at the time didn't like me as I had information on the corruption of this sheriff. Luckily I had a friend in the sheriff`s office who telephoned me to warn me the agents of the F.B.I. were heading to my home and told me to not answer the door as they were looking for anything to arrest me on. They showed up, banged on my front door for about 5 minutes then walked to my car. I had it locked but they broke into it and went though it even taking the rear seat out to get to the back compartment. They even walked around my house looking in all the windows and trying all the doors looking for an unlocked one. They even attempted to open a couple of windows. At no time did they identify themselves as agents of the F.B.I.. I`ve always wondered what I would have done if these idiots would have broke into my home.

07 Aug 2022: I must be old fashioned because of what I see on Facebook, Instagram (sp) and Tic Toc. So many filters which makes these woman and young girls flawless. I`ve never seen so many perfect complexions. Every now and then these young girls forget the filter and you see them as they naturally look, flaws and all.

Then we have this tattoo and piercing craze. What is with these nose rings. Not only one nose ring but I`ve seen people with two and three rings in their nose. Tattoos seems to be the fad now but a lot of people are getting carried away with it. I saw a woman in the store the other day who was about 80 years old and covered in faded tattoos. You couldn`t tell what the tattoos were as they were so faded and sagging. Pitiful looking is all I can say. Tou young people take note. Look into the future and try to imagine what you will look like when you get old.

8 U.S. Code ยง 1325 - Improper entry by alien. A federal statue about illegally entering the United States. Look this law up. Then look up the definition of conspiracy. Conspiracy; a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot) Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, along with Secretary of homeland Security, Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas and the so called president of the US, Sleepy Joe Biden in conjunction with the Mexican cartels are all guilty of conspiracy in his open border policy allowing a few million illegals to cross our Southern border unabated.

It really sucks that these homosexuals have so many privileges. We just got through suffering with `gay` `pride` month and now we have another crappy month with disability `pride` month. It ticks me off that these homosexuals have hijacked the word GAY and the word PRIDE. Then they have the audacity to use the rainbow as their symbol. I`m sure I`ll receive a lot of hate mail since these people and their supporters can`t take any kind of criticism. If they want to live this kind of lifestyle, that is fine but just stay out of my space and quit forcing this type of lifestyle down our throats.

I am still attempting to locate my missing 22 cal pistol. I have now reported to the ATF the missing pistol and suggest to them where I think it might be. Its better they handle the problem instead of me. I`m just protecting myself. There are at least two if not four people who know the whereabouts of my pistol.

(Above) The Dragonfly

(Above) 8th grade graduation at Pacheco Grade School.
Nathan Switt on the left, Me in the middle. Linda Thompson on the right.
Unknown individual walking in front of Linda Thompson.

(Above) Wildlife on the property