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This site will be a combination of my daily activities and my political thoughts. It will also have excerpts from my recent books, some of which are now available on Kindle.


17 Apr 2019:

Finally, I got my FTP software back up and running and able to start uploading to my websites. We tracked down the hacker that destroyed my old computer and got back the money they pilfered out of one of my accounts, nearly $1000 dollars. I'm happy about that. The company or so called company is based out of Virginia.

After a few weeks of rain, today we woke up to blue skies. There is fog on the river but that should clear soon. I'm hoping that this sunshine and slight breeze will dry things out enough where I can finish my weed whacking. I know I need to head for the hill to wood cut but today heading to Gold Beach and tomorrow I'll have to be home waiting for a load of gravel for the driveway so. I think my best chance to go wood hunting will be Sunday.

08 Mar 2019:

The hummingbirds, the Dark-Eyed Juncos and the Robins are all out this morning debugging the yard. The fog is thick on both river channels but blue sky above. Its a beautiful day but with sadness as I lost one of my very best friends in an accident yesterday. He was a great father, not only to his own children but to his nephews who thought the world of him. Prayers are in order for him, his family, his extended family and the multitude of friends who loved him. He was my best friend, my hunting partner and my go-to guy whenever I had a problem with my vehicles. He could fix anything. I'll miss him a lot. Rest in Peace Billy. With heavy heart, I wish all the best in your journey.

Another day or two I've skipped posting but nobody notices. Yesterday we observed a beautiful eagle fly past our home. The bird was huge and heading to the river. No photos were taken as no camera was near and the flight of the eagle was quick, disappearing behind the trees between us and the river. Fleeting moments but worth the brief time the eagle graced us with it's flight.

The book cover on the left is available on Amazon and also through us. We'll be putting a link on this site where you can order from us. Our books are now available through Kindle.

04 Mar 2019:

The Ship Ashore murders were, by far, the most heinous crime to take place in Del Norte County at the time. Bodies and blood everywhere, people screaming, hiding, running, and crawling under cars in the parking lot to hide from the sniper. We didn't know where he was within the complex when we arrive at the scene. We did know he had a high powered rifle, which gave him the advantage over our small arms and shotguns. 44 years have passed since that cold, rainy morning of March 2, 1975.

But we had to move in on the complex. We had to find him and also his victims to determine if any were still alive. A day of extreme animated exhilaration, high blood pressure and determination of those in charge of finding the man who did this. It was also a sad day for me. Of the seven victims, I personally knew five of them. The memories are still vivid as if it only happened yesterday.

The cover of the book is on the left. It is available through Amazon and through us.



Gentlemens Choice
Calls by Braz