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16 May 2022: Strange color in the sky today. It is blue, a color we haven`t seen in a while. Another unusual thing is no wind. Even though the grass (weeds) is still wet from yesterdays rain, I weed whacked. I walked around with the whacker in a cloud mist from the wet foliage. My replacement battery booster is crap and it`s all packaged up to send back to Amazon. I hate this Chinese crap. Seems like you can`t buy anything without the chink label on it.

13 May 2022: The rain arrived around 2 pm today. Hardly any wind came with it. That in itself is rare, at least this year. We`ve had wind almost every day this spring. We bought a small 4 shelf hot house and the clear plastic covering that goes over the frame had a malfunction zipper so I called the company to have them send me another cover and they sent a whole new 4 shelf hot house. I only asked for a new covering. I'm not complaining. One of the doe`s was outside my window this afternoon and you can tell she is pregnant. I have not seen a buck on the property this year so he is a sneaky fella. He must be one of those "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" kind of guy. Kind of reminds me of a few guys I knew in high school.

12 May 2022: Another storm moved in early this morning with wind and rain. Seems like we can`t have a day without wind. But what the hell. we live in a coastal area so it`s expected. This rain and wind is suppose to last through Monday.

Isn`t it strange that Covid is making a comeback. Wow, just in time for the primary season and the upcoming mid-term elections. This is the democrap way of stealing elections, making it dangerous to vote in person so it will be another mail in ballot election where the democraps can have drop boxes to be able to ballot harvest and load the drop boxes up with fraudulent votes. This is how Biden won the election in 2020. The cheating was obvious but our government is controlled by Marxist Liberals so nothing can be done about it even though the proof is out there.

08 May 2022: Mother's day came in with a mighty roar. Around 4 am, the thunder started shaking the house with bright flashes of lightening to go along with the noise. The rain pounded down filling the gauge with nearly 3 inches just during the dark hours. It was nice listening to it. The trail cam caught some of it along with a deer or two checking out the plot. I only posted the video showing the rain and wind. I took the quad for a short ride and it did okay but the gas leak is still there. To get to the carb, I have to take the whole cowling off, the gas tank off and then try to figure out how to work on the carb. I might just get so far and decide to take it to a new business in town and see what they say about it.

I`ve run into a few snags on the book "The Last Year". The printers have changed their format once again so my last draft of this book is no longer printable. So I have to rethink what I want to do. The Japanese are still purchasing my books but a much discounted price due to dollar differences. I may pull all my books off the global market and do my own selling without a third party getting their cut.

I am still attempting to locate my missing 22 cal pistol. Soon I will be reporting the missing pistol to the ATF and suggest to them where I think it might be. Its better they handle the problem instead of me. I`m just protecting myself.

(Above) One of the many rings we`ve found artifact hunting. This one is all silver, no precious stones

(Above) Another ring we`ve found artifact hunting. This one has 8 diamonds

(Above) Junior Year in High School. Frame from an old 8mm movie film.

(Above) Long time ago.circa;1948
L-R Claudia Short, Big Bill Short, Marlene Short, Bill Williams, Me, and little Bill Short.
I still have bandages on my face for when that black Dog chewed me up.

(Above) Spring is here again..

(Below) Back in the 50`s, 8th grade graduation on the left, Posse parade on the right.
I`m in the dark explorer scout uniform.

1947: Road Trip with the Glendale Motorcycle Club

1947: Road Trip with the Glendale Motorcycle Club