Officer Down; The Killing
Trail of my Books
Toby`s Gold
Mass Murder
Meth, the diary

The road to Ransom Ridge during hunting season.


Read a book. It is good for the mind and body.

27 June 2022: Woke up to fog but it drifted away early. You could see it on the top of the mountain betweeen us and the coastline. It stayed away all day then the south wind kicked up and by dusk, the fog covered us so it will be with us all night and into the morning. I was outside most of the day fighting the weeds (lawn). Got most of it done and what little that is left, I`ll finish tomorrow.

In the meantime, I`ve been jotting down notes of some experiences I encountered during my long ago career. I`m surprised that I can still remember things that happened 30+ years ago. Even some memories that happened while in high school. The more I write about my life, the more I recall. I guess that is good for staying aware and not be like a Biden.

26 June 2022: A little cooler today with a high temp of only 74 degrees. That made it nice to do some weed whacking. I did notice the fog down near the coast line and by dark it moved up here so it will be a foggy night and morning here. I`m having trouble catching this one gopher down near the garden. I have to catch him before he works his way into the garden area. All the plants in the garden are doing great. I`ve decided what domain name I`m going to keep. It will be this one and I`ll be eliminating If I can`t raise enough money for this doman, I`ll have to figure something else out.

22 June 2022: Another hot summer day here with the temperature reaching 95 degrees. I stayed inside most of the day doing work on the computrr and watching old westerns on television. I did find some old 8mm movie clips showing the fire at Enterprise High School when the shop buildings burned down. On the same reel, there was some scenes of my 8th grade graduation from Pacheco grade school. Lots of interesting stuff from long ago

21 June 2022: Hell of a hot day for this mountain. 92 degrees with a strong Northeast wind. I didn`t venture out into the sun, staying under the carport working on the Quad and building a ramp for the trailer to make it easier to load the Quad into the trailer. I might haul it into the shop tomorrow or Thursday. We have three new fawns here. One doe has one fawn and another doe has two. Then we have one doe with no fawns. I`ll continue the story about the dead girl in the sleeping bag on Damnation Creek Trail.

19 June 2022: Crap, another black holiday. Who in the hell thinks of these things. Do I care that a group in Texas being told they were free back in 1865. What about the other blacks. What date did they learn they were free and why no holiday for them? I`m getting ready to delete one of my .com pages. Things are just getting to expensive. I'm also looking for another domain host that might be cheaper.

I am still attempting to locate my missing 22 cal pistol. I have now reported to the ATF the missing pistol and suggest to them where I think it might be. Its better they handle the problem instead of me. I`m just protecting myself.

(Above) This robin stayed with me the entire time I was Weed Whacking

(Above) One of three new fawns on the property

(Above) This is how the local post office delivered our package. Everything in the package was ruined

(Above) The doe finally showed off her fawn

(Above) An experiment in Night Flash

(Above) An experiment in Night Flash

(Above) Going up the mountain to check the trail cam

(Above) Junior Year in High School. Frame from an old 8mm movie film.