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Read a book. It is good for the mind and body.

09 Oct 2021: The video at the top of this page is a copy of one of my videos I made with a program that has been discontinued and there was no software to display them on my pages so I found a way to capture the video playing on my monitor and convert it to MP4 to play here. It didn`t turn out too bad.

I want to know who is running this country and it isn`t Joe Biden. Who is pulling his strings and writing what he says. He is the biggest security risk facing this country. If we speak up, they, the government, will send the incompetent FBI after you. I know how incompetent they are as I`ve had experience with them on both sides of the “line”.

03 Oct 2021: Hunting season opened this last weekend. We didn't fill any tags but we did see a buck and a bear. The buck was too quick for us and the bear was too small in our eyes to shoot. It was probable 1 or 2 years old but small enough to still be with mama bear. We looked for the mama bear but she didn't show herself. Whether or not this small bear we observed was still with the mama bear, we will never know. We made the decision not to shoot it and let it go on it`s way. The weather has been warm and clear so hopefully more rain will be coming which will help in the hunting.

It is that time again to pay for domains. Seems like the prices go up without explanation but you can`t do anything about it except to just cancel but I don't want to do that.



Last year Rut after the season closed.'.

Scene from Hawaii.

South Dakota

South Dakota