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Mass Murder; The Killings at the Ship, (Paperback)

The story of a mass murder at a local motel in the small community of Smith River, California in 1975. Five (5) people died from gunshot wounds by a sniper. Two (2) others were wounded. This book tells the story of the murders, the investigation and capture of the killer and subsequesnt trail and the surprise ending. Included in this revision of the book, the printed narration of the first officer on the scene, Dale Parker, as to what he encountered. Book price is $20.00 Plus Shipping/Handling which is $6.00 set by the printers

Copyright: CND Media & Publishing
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: CND Media & Publishing
Published 2007-2019
Language: English
Binding: Perfect-bound
PaperbackInterior Ink: Black & white
Dimensions: (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall


16 July 2019 :

We've been having fog in the mornings but mostly clear the rest of the day. The fawns are getting more use to me being out in the yard and they don't scurry off so quick when they see me. I've taken enough photos of them to not worry about having a camera with me at all times like I did right after they were born. I'll be getting back to doing some yard work after letting the weeds over populate my yard due to doctor's orders to stay off my injured foot. My ribs have healed enough to where they don’t hurt anymore.

So many people think I'm a racist because of my views on different topics. I can see how some people think that by the way I express my views but I tell it like it is. If you take offense to what I say then you have a problem, not me.

Why are people putting up with this group ANTFA? They are nothing but cowards and thugs and need to be confronted. They show up at rallies with masks on and carrying baseball bats and assault people they don't like, mainly conservatives who oppose their way of thinking. I have to congratulate the police in Washington State for shooting and killing one of them in a protest rally. This thug was firebombing cars and carrying a rifle. So they shot and killed him. More of this needs to happen. Kudos to the Tacoma Washington law enforcement for taking action and killing this loon.

09 July 2019 :

A high fog day with little wind. I'm still not doing much outside due to the problems I have but little by little, things are improving. I need to do some yard work and despite my problems, I have to do some otherwise we will look like we are living in a jungle. I've had the trail cam out for the last few nights and not getting much on it. I think my batteries are low so need to change them. We still have no fox, raccoons of bears on the property so I'm sure someone has set out poison. We use to have a large population of raccoons and fox but no more.

07 July 2019 :

The days have been nice with temperatures in the 70's and mild south wind. I set my game cam out the other night and captured on of the buck strolling by then after daylight, the doe and her two fawns strolled by. Those fawn are more Leary of humans than the adult deer and its hard to capture them with my camera. So the video captured on the game cam was nice to get as they were afraid of anything and slowly walked by the cam.

I'm running out of funds to keep all the web pages online so this could be my last year doing a domain or two. I might find a free site and continue with some of my rants but Facebook will not be a place for me to post. They've censored me too many times for me to trust them plus they use whatever you post and sell it to other venders. How do I know that? I put a short text on Facebook a while back with a fictitious product I use and it wasn't more than a week, I started getting emails from Internet companies wanting more information on this fictitious product.

05 July 2019 :

How the time flies when you are doing nothing. I still have the painful rib problem from tearing it from that cartilage. My other injury has sidelined me from doing too much on the outside. I'm seriously thinking that this will be my last year of doing webpage’s due to higher prices. Its costing me $170 dollars for my main domain and $50 dollars for the parked domains I'm handling. The parked domains are usually paid by those I'm doing the webpage’s for but sometimes they forget or it slips their mind so I pay it in hopes they remember. Some do and some don't.

Stayed home all day on the 4th. Don't like crowds, especially drunk people in those crowds. Watched the fireworks in Crescent City via the Inaternet and the webcam at the harbor. They weren't that great

Portland police, the mayor of Portland, the governor of Oregon and the Oregon Legislature can all go to hell if they aren't already there. The police and Mayor allowed ANTIFA goons to run around the city, assaulting people and the cops watched and did nothing. The governor signed into law that all illegals in the state can now get driver's license. This is a democrat move to get more voters. All a person has to do is show ID and they can register to vote.



Gentlemens Choice
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