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05 Nov. 2022: The hunting season is over and our freezer is empty. Disappointing for sure. Next to the last day we ran into snow at the 3000 foot elevation. It was cold and misting. We didn`t see one deer. We did come across two gut sacks so someone was lucky. The last day was raining and all the snow was gone. The temperature warmed up so there was no chance the high elevation bucks will not go into Rutt. The bucks around our house are in Rutt. Go figure. I should have shot one of them. I`m trying to get another domain on line but I`ll have to call the provider to find out why it is not showing when I type in the domain in my browser. The new domain will be private and only select people will have access. It will be a business site.

The weather warmed up with some clouds. We went hunting and almost got skunked but coming home we saw three doe`s and of course a few doe`s in our yard. Other than that, No meat in the freezer. We were driving down one of the less traveled back roads and came across where someone had cut a few logs. There were about 20 pieces of cut wood all about 16 inches in length and ranged from 12 to 18 inches in dia. There was also a bunch of 4 foot logs also laying there. Tire tracks at the wood cutting site were old and had been rained on. So whoever cut the wood wasn`t in any hurry to come get it. Some of the cut wood was on the roadway so being good citizens; we cleared the road of any debris and loaded what we cleared into the back of the 4-Runners. At least our hunting trip wasn`t for naught.

Hunting hasn`t been too successful but seeing deer and a few bucks didn`t bring meat home. Today, Monday, we only saw two deer, neither had antlers. We did see two gut sacks but both were small. The gut sacks probaby weighed more than the deer they came out of but what the hell, at least they took vension home. It rained all day on us. Next rain will be Wednesday and we`ll go hunting that day. It got dark on us coming off the mountain and coupled that with heavy, thick fog, it was hard to see the road. Not a good thing as on one side it was about a 500 foot drop, straight down. I had the GoPro going and it showed what we were driving through. Tomorrow, the 25th is the 36th anniversary of the day I died. Morbid to think about but I flatlined for 5 minutes and was brought back to life using the paddles (electric shots> and an experimental drug. With life, there are so many things to enjoy. Take the time to enjoy what is around you.

We went hunting Monday and to start with a young bear jumped out in front of us and ran down the road. We had a chance to shoot it but we felt it was too young and small so we let it go. Too bad I didn't have by dash came working. As we were heading out near dark we spotted five deer with two of them bucks. The brush was high and the only thing Linda could see was the head of the one buck. It was down hill and about 150 yards away and she shot but missed. We think she over shot it. Just to be safe, we took our spotlight and checked for blood and found nothing. We`ll try again this Sunday and its suppose to rain that day.

The weather has been boring of late. Fog in the morning and clear in the afternoon. Gets a little chilly at night. Not good for deer hunting so we haven`t been out looking for them. Had a bobcat visit me yesterday. He didn`t seem bothered by me. He had a very dark coat. I did manage to get a short video of him. I`ve spent the week cleaning up around the outside of the house. Winter will be here sooner than we think so I am weatherizing the outside so when the rains come, it won't be so messy.

First day of deer season was yesterday and it was a bust. It was hot and clear. We did see three deer, two yearlings and a larger deer but it was too far off to determine sex or if it had antlers. We didn`t see to many hunters, probably due to the hot, dry weather. But sitting up in the hills sipping hot coffee and listening to the breeze coarsing through the tree tops was relaxing. That in itself was worth the drive.

Coming down off the mountain in the cold rain and fog. They were about 100 yards from me when I took the photo.

Some of my Metal Detecting Finds.

(Above) The forked horn who showed up on our trail cam set up in the front yard. There was a doe there who didn't want anything to do with him. The buck had his nose sticking straight up licking his lips. At least it told us the rutt was here.

(Above)I bought this Winchester Model 94, 30-30 on my 12th birthday. This was April, 1955. Paid $78 dollars for the rifle. Bert`s Sporting Goods in Anderson, Californa was the store. Many a deer were brought down with this rifle. I still have it. I`m going to hunt with it this year. My eye sight is not as good now as it was when I hunted with it in the 50`s and 60`s so hunting without a scope will be different.

One of the local fox on the mountain

(Above)Hunting. Coming down off the mountain

(Above) Hunting