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An Excerpt from: "Do you really know me"

Holy Batman;

I approached the entrance to the bar. The only information I had was a fight going on inside and an officer was needed. The bar was inside the city limits and I was just a secondary officer there to assist the city police officer who I thought had already gone inside. I had arrived about 10 minutes after the city was dispatched to the scene.

I could hear yelling and screaming and glass breaking so I drew out my baton and entered the establishment. There wasn`t just one fight but a multitude of fights going on in every corner of the bar area. People were on the floor and broken glass was everywhere. Everyone was screaming, cussing and yelling. Fist were flying and feet a'kick`n

I just knew the city officer was somewhere under one of the piles of fighting bodies. As I approached the center of the bar area, I was struck over the head by something and down I went. I was dazed but still functioning and was trying to get up when I was hit the second time over the head from behind and this time I went sprawling. I tried like hell to get up but couldn`t.. Blood was running down my face and into my eyes and all I could see was a blur. Again I was hit and down I went and I was becoming a little agitated and a whole lot of hurt. This time I was dizzy and I could hear everything going on around me but couldn`t see anyone.

I found myself flat on the floor from being hit again and I thought to myself that I probably wasn’t going to get out of there alive. I couldn`t get off the floor but I still had my baton in my hand so started swinging it in all direction, not knowing what or who I was hitting. I could feel the thuds and cracks connecting to who knew what as my baton was connecting but I was losing this fight. Where in the hell was my backup and where in the hell was the city officer.

I could tell I was going to black out and knowing if I did, these bastards would have me on a silver platter for dinner. I was in dire straits. I was totally losing it. I could feel someone grabbing for my gun. Could this really be happening to me.

I was a rookie cop, my first week on the streets and it was looking like my last week. Oh crap !

End of Excerpt.

04 Dec 2021: I've kind of been ignoring this site but I`ll try and do better in the future. We`ve had some nice weather but today we woke up to thick fog. It never cleared but did rise leaving what appeared to be thick clouds. It looked like it rained this morning but it was nothing but drizzle type fog. I`m looking for a 22 cal semi-auto pistol, Ruger type style. I'm willing to trade a Taurus 22 cal with a 2 inch bbl. Clip holds 8 rds of 22LR and a total of 9 rds with one in the Bbl. Less than 10 rds fired through it.

I need to start writing and finising up the books and stories I`ve started. Life seems to be in a hurry so I need to just sit down and finish all that I`ve started. I`ll be concentrating on more personal stories instead of true crime. I`m kind of burned out on my crime adventures. My books are still selling over in Japan for some reason. I get my royalities through Amazon. These images on the top left of the narrative part of this page is a reflection of some of my personal stories I`m writing.

17 Nov 2021: Time flies when you are having fun. I guess seeing a cardiologist is having fun and after the procedure he performed on me, I was happy with the results. I'm good to go again. I need to do some weed whacking if and when the grass dries up enough but this weather keeps it wet. Suppose to rain again tomorrow which is fine with me. In about a week, I`ll be ready to go cut some firewood. There is a lot of down trees where we hunted this year so there is no shortage of timber to cut. Look forward to doing that.

10 Nov 2021: I have to start thinking about doing something that will keep me busy since hunting season closed. I`ll get back into writing new stories and work in the yard during times it`s not raining. I need to go through the thousands of photographs I have and delete many of them.I`m going to make a few photo books through a commerical source and that will take care of some. I hate this turning back the clocks. It gets dark way to early.

04 Nov 2021: We left to go hunting around noon. We hunted all day without seeing anything. We stopped for coffee where I shot that big 4 pt a couple of years ago and Gentry,the 9 year old grandson wanted to go walk looking for deer so he and Linda walked up this draw and he wanted to keep going so they did. I picked another draw to scout. I jumped a nice size doe and that was it for me. About 30 minutes later I heard a shot then a pause then another shot. I could tell it was long ways off. About 5 minutes went by and then over the walkie talkie came the news she got one and it was down. Then the long process of getting it out and it got dark, foggy and raining. With the help of a young man who came to help us,we got the buck to the road where it was gutted. By that time it was 10 pm. We finally got the buck out of the hills and hung in our garage. No meat wasted. She shot it in the head.

17 Oct 2021: Started raining today. We should have went hunting but we didn't had lots of things to do here at home. I`m cleaning out some boxes down in the garage, mainly things that have to do with my work. No need in keeping them. Even found the old subpoena to my last murder case involving the torture/murder of a yound man. The two responsibles each spent 30 years in prison but now running around the streets of Crescent City, CA. As far as I was concerned, they both should have been sentenced to death.

From my book Danielle:This is reference to the Gabby Petito death when they said they don`t know when she was murdered. They do know. The demise of a human being causes very predictable patterns of insect activity. Entomologist can trace what these bugs do backward through time. A human body outside, exposed to the elements, such as our victim in my case of Danielle, attracts various blowflies and flesh flies. They deposit their eggs in the mouth, nose and ears and other orifices of the remains. This normally takes place within 10 minutes of death. The eggs usually hatch in about 12 hours, into maggots that gorge themselves on body tissues. Upon completion of their cycle, the maggots relocate to the nearby soil a short distance from the body and cocoon.

Then comes the second wave of bugs. First the beetles that eats on the now drying skin. Following them, a variety of other bugs, to prey on the insects already on the body or at the site or to feed on the remains.

These creatures lives are so fixed and distinct; they act as a natural clock, giving scientist (entomologists) a high degree of accuracy in estimating the time the victim met his or her death.

In my case, the entomologist pinpointed the time of death within 12 hours of when Danielle was murdered. She lay in a culvert for 17 days.