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Below: I posted this image a few years ago of a gopher I trapped and then hung it in the garden.
PETA came after me for being cruel to animals. It's a damn gopher people.
Yea, I did make a mini hangman's noose for it. .

Below: 30 May 2019: One of our hummingbirds.

Below: 25 May 2019: The flag is still flying.

Below: My Metal Detectors.

This site will be a combination of my daily activities and my political thoughts. It will also have excerpts from my recent books, some of which are now available on Kindle.

Mass Murder; The Killings at the Ship, (Paperback)

The story of a mass murder at a local motel in the small community of Smith River, California in 1975. Five (5) people died from gunshot wounds by a sniper. Two (2) others were wounded. This book tells the story of the murders, the investigation and capture of the killer and subsequesnt trail and the surprise ending. Included in this revision of the book, the printed narration of the first officer on the scene, Dale Parker, as to what he encountered. Book price is $20.00 Plus Shipping/Handling which is $6.00 set by the printers

Copyright: CND Media & Publishing
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: CND Media & Publishing
Published 2007-2019
Language: English
Binding: Perfect-bound
PaperbackInterior Ink: Black & white
Dimensions: (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

Below: My Metal Detectors.
Below: Metal Detector find up on the Winchuck River watershed at an old homestead.


16 June 2019 :

A quiet peaceful day here on the mountain. Not doing too much. The little yearling buck that was a spike is now a forked horn but he's still little. His mom showed up later still with a big belly so she hasn't given birth yet. Something dug up my two buried gophers but didn't take them or eat them. Strange.

Politics are getting crazier by the day. Too much crap going on to write about but the democrats can all go to hell or either crawl back under the rocks they came from.

11 June 2019 :

Another hot day here on the mountain. An even 100 degrees yesterday which is quite hot for us and today it will be about the same with 93 degrees at noon. The heat is not doing my garden very well but it will survive. My rib cage is still painful due to the cracked rib but it's getting better. My other injuries are about the same. Seems like I'm an accident waiting to happen.

09 June 2019 :

Itís been a warm day at 92 degrees with 20 mph winds and clear sky. I've been staying inside taking care of my injuries and watching documentaries. Haven't been watching any news as the news is getting boring, even Fox News. I updated the blotter so check it out.

I've been fighting with my Internet provider and my domain provider. I've been able to access any pages I wanted on the internet except my own domains and the domains I'm doing for others. Go Daddy is my domain host and Spectrum is my Internet provider. This all started Saturday afternoon and they both were blaming the other. I didn't care who was at fault as long as somebody fixed the problem. I finally hung up with no positive results. About an hour later, I was able to get back on my pages and also my FTP software to upload files and stuff. We'll see how long that will last.

05 June 2019 :

I'm still wondering what happened to all the wildlife around here. Nothing has been sighted other than turkeys and deer, everything else has disappeared. No bear, fox, raccoons, bobcats, squirrels or chipmunks. Not even any scat to show they are still around. What concerns me is the abundance of vultures here, some flying low and disappearing below the tree tops.

Due to my injuries, I'm not able to work too much outside so spend a lot of my time just following the grandson around watching him and his exploits. I'm teaching him how to cast a fishing pole as I plan on taking him fishing during the summer break. I fixed my other metal detector so we'll be metal detecting throughout the summer months. It should be fun. During the late 1970's while hunting for marijuana gardens, I came across some old rusted out logging flat cars and we plan on going in search of them.

03 June 2019 :

We've been having a lot of warm weather which dries things out. The only thing that grows wildly is weeds and some wildflowers. It keeps me busy with the weed whacker. I finally caught that one gopher that has been making mounds all over the yard. It turned out to be a female and either she just gave birth or getting ready to give birth as her teats were fully swollen. Either way, one gopher family wiped out. If she just gave birth, the babies will die in the gopher run I caught her in as they won't survive without motherís milk. If she hasn't given birth yet, the babies inside her died with her. No tears shed.

Opened the front door yesterday morning and found about 8 turkey hens exploring our front porch. Don't know who was more startled, them or me. They immediately ran from me. The male of the species was about 30 feet away flared out and strutting for his harem.

30 May 2019 :

Strange things going on around here. I haven't seen a fox or raccoon in over two months and not even their scat. The same with bears. I'm going to bait some areas and set up my trail cam and see if I can attract anything. The pregnant doe has not been around for two days but her yearling buck is showing up so she has kicked him out of the family group while she gives birth to her new fawns. I should be detecting them in the next few days. The yearly buck is lonesome as he let me walk up to within 5 feet of him. He kept eating the grass and didn't give me a second thought. He's not one of the six bucks that were here a few days ago.

The US Government is attempting to take the wolf off of the endangered species act but are stupid governor in Oregon is fighting that recommendations. We have a pack of them over on Mt Emily and there have been reports of them killing sheep and domestic animals. Wolves kill for the sport of killing. We don't need anymore wild animals killing off the deer population. Wolves kill for fun, not for food most of the time.

19 May 2019 :

Busy day today working in the garage getting stuff ready to throw away. I'm still up in the air about some of my police reports such as the Mass Murder back in 1975 which included all of the officer's reports and crime scene photographs and the Investigative files on the Girl in the Culvert including all the crime scene photographs. I'm sure someone would want them for some reason. I've been throwing away a lot of my narcotic cases including all of the records these dealers kept. Last week I threw away all my law enforcement uniforms. Haven't worn them since I went plain clothes back in 1979. Guess what? They still fit. ha. I also threw away my letterman's sweater from high school but kept the varsity letter. Slowly my past is becoming distant and blurry.



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