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First day of deer season was yesterday and it was a bust. It was hot and clear. We did see three deer, two yearlings and a larger deer but it was too far off to determine sex or if it had antlers. We didn`t see to many hunters, probably due to the hot, dry weather. But sitting up in the hills sipping hot coffee and listening to the breeze coarsing through the tree tops was relaxing. That in itself was worth the drive.

Well a few days have gone by since that rainy day but tomorrow its suppose to rain again, at least for a few hours then it going to be non-rain days up to opening day of deer season this coming Saturday and for days after. But rainy days or sunny days, we`ve shot bucks no matter the weather. You can sure tell Fall is here with the colder nighttime temperature and the falling leaves from the trees. I put another coat of Thompson`s Water Seal on the trailer. This will be the third winter since I rebuild it so it was time for another coat of seal. My newest Facebook page is still up and running.

Finally, the rain came to the mountain. Not much, but it`s wet. I`m still healing from a fall I had yesterday when the slick grass caused my feet to go out from under me and I went head over hill down the slope, causing massive cuts to my left arm. Naturally, the cuts were in the area where I had three operations and the cut went across the scar tissue. Hopefully it is not going to cause any further problems in that area. I also have a very bruised left side of my face. It is hell getting old. I should have had my work boots on instead of tennis shoes. The boots have better grip. Right now, Facebook has locked three of my accounts. As soon as I make a new page, they lock it. I am now on my fourth page and we`ll see how long it lasts.

I opened a new facebook page and within one minute, they locked my account. In order to unlock it, they want me to upload a picture ID, a copy of my marriage license and other documents. I said to myself, SCREW THEM, and went on to other things. Apparently they don`t like my views which I put on my website. Oh well,

Since my computer got hacked, I`ve lost my facebook page and 90% of my passwords. So anyone going to my facebook page, you`ll find no updates. I`m going to make a new facebook page but it will be a few days. Most of my news will be on this site instead of facebook.

A new leaf and different style of page. I've found the rough draft of my book about my experiences at Enterprise High School class of 1961. I wrote the book back in 2001 for the 40 year reunion but found that nobody was interested so I destroyed the book. I offered it free to any of the class but still no takers. So I'll be posting different chapters and or excerpts of the book.

I`m rewriting the book about my memories during the time I spent in the halls of Enterprise High School from 1958 to 1961. Finding the rough draft was lucky on my part so I am trying to piece together from the scraps I have to a full scale book. I`ll publish one book for my collection only. I find not many from my class will be interested just like in 2001 when I first published the book so I`m not trying to put it on the market. Unless it is on Instagram or Tic Toc, nobody will be interested. Back in 2001 I had 25 books printed to give away at the reunion. No interested was shown so I didn't even attend the reunion. I have not attended one reunion or picnic as I feel more comfortable fading into the sunset. Reminds me when I was a freshman and being the first freshman to letter Varsity. The block E club refused to allow me to join. At one point they even took my letterman sweater away from me. I saved the varsity letter but burnt the sweater. I quit all sports after my freshman year. I didn't want to be associated with all of these egotistical bastards.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 have been posted and I`m at a crossroads as to whether or not to post any more excerpts. There are several chapters to these memories, memories only important to me. I`m sure if I posted names, it would spark more interests but I decided a long time ago I`ll not be a part of a tell all book even though I have a lot to tell. The more I think about it, the more inclined to name names.


(Above)I bought this Winchester Model 94, 30-30 on my 12th birthday. This was April, 1955. Paid $78 dollars for the rifle. Bert`s Sporting Goods in Anderson, Californa was the store. Many a deer were brought down with this rifle. I still have it. I`m going to hunt with it this year. My eye sight is not as good now as it was when I hunted with it in the 50`s and 60`s so hunting without a scope will be different.

(Above)One of the local fox on the mountain

(Above)Hunting. Coming down off the mountain

(Above) Hunting