Short Stories: An Excerpt

If we rushed the suspect, he had plenty of time to spot us and get a shot off. We knew he was intoxicated and this would slow his reflexes somewhat. We also knew that we had to take him by surprise. This would also delay his reaction, not knowing what was going on. But we had to act fast. He was expecting his wife back with a beer. We had to make our move now. We slowly move down the hallway as quiet as we could with hopes he wouldn’t see us until the last second. I could see him on the bed with the rifle cradled in his arms. He was just staring into space but towards us. We would have to make a split second decision as to when to start the rush towards him. Do we do it know or try and work our way closer before the run to disarm him. We both had our weapons drawn and at the ready in case it came down to just a plain old shooting match.

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