Horse in a Hole

We initially responded to a dispatch of a horse that had fallen down a hole. When we arrived at the location, that hole turned out to be a 25 foot deep well. The horse had found a way into a small building that had the well in it and busted through the boards that covered the opening to the well. I stood at the edge of the open well and could see the horse floundering in about 3 feet of water and trying to rear up to get out of the hole. Due to scanner traffic, many people showed up at the site offering to help but how in the hell do you get a full grown thoroughbred quarter horse out of a narrow 25 foot hole. A local contractor volunteered to bring his crane to the site and once there, a man was lowered down to the frightened horse where he was able to tie ropes around the belly of the horse. The man then climbed out of the well and the crane operator began lifting the horse inch by inch out of the well. When the horse was almost out of the well, the ropes came untied and the horse began to fell back into the well and as luck would have it, the rope tangled around one of the legs of the horse and the crane operator hurriedly lifted the horse all the way out and swung the horse to one side and lowered him to the ground. The horse was uninjured and after a few minutes being calmed down by its owner he was taken to a vet to be checked out which turned out good, no broken bones or pulled muscles.

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