Danielle, Girl in the Culvert

Book covers for the published book of "Danielle, Girl in the Culvert" by the lead investigator, Richard Williams. This book covers the crime of the murder of a young Canadian woman in the community of Smith River, California.

This book will take you through the crime itself, the search for her killer in California, Mexico, Spain and ending up in Quebec Province, Canada

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Front cover #1

Back cover #1

Excerpt: Chapter One

Her identity was unknown. We had no idea how long the body had been in the culvert. We had no missing person`s reports outstanding in our county. We had nothing but a dead body laying on her back in a mold and bug infested culvert.

This was going to be a long day, at least what was left of it, probably a long night also. Hell of a place to die or did she die here?

I stood on the road, contemplating my next move. A beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean was in direct contrast to what lay beneath me under the blacktop. Death and decay contrasting with the blue waters of the churning ocean in the distance. A cool breeze coming off the ocean below gently coursing its way up the hillside, just enough to allow the flavor of salt to permeate the surroundings. The distinct taste of coastal air.