Mass Murder

Book covers for the published book of "Mass Murder, the Ship Ashore Killings" by the lead investigator, Richard Williams. This book covers the crimes of multiple murders on a quiet Sunday morning in the small community of Smith River, California.

The Ship Ashore murders were, by far, the most heinous crime to take place in Del Norte County at the time. Bodies and blood everywhere, people screaming, hiding, running, and crawling under cars in the parking lot to hide from the sniper. We didn't know where he was within the complex when we arrived at the scene. We did know he had a high powered rifle, which gave him the advantage over our small arms and shotguns.

But we had to move in on the complex. We had to find him and also his victims to determine if any were still alive. A day of extreme animated exhilaration, high blood pressure and determination of those in charge of finding the man who did this. It was also a sad day for me. Of the seven victims, I personally knew five of them.

The book will take you through the crime itself, the apprehension of the killer, the trial and the unexpected ending.

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Excerpt: Chapter One

The night went on. He walked about his room, eating leftover junk food, tossing the wrappers on the floor, drinking cup after cup of lukewarm, overly sweetened, coffee. As morning approached, he was unchanged, the agitation still there, confused about life in general and wanting to qualify himself with society, the same society he believed didn`t accept him. He felt he had to do something to make them notice, to let those, who had no faith in him, know he wasn`t just a stupid individual taking up space on this planet..