Meth; The diary of a drug dealer and addict.

Book covers for the published book of "Inside the mind of a Meth Addict; His Diary" by Richard Williams, Det-Ret. This book covers the diary of a Drug Dealer/Addict, in his own words. The front and back covers to this book may vary

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Excerpt: From the Book

"....Well, hello there. I'm back. I trust you didn't lack for entertainment during my absence. I didn't. So, the orange tablet is underway and as always when starting a new tablet, I can't help wonder what secrets and surprises it'll bring. It's a smaller tablet so I don;t expect it to last over a year..."

This was written on Monday, April 25, in a grade school style tablet by an individual getting ready to set up his illicit drug dealing operation in a small town situated in Northern California. His name is Walter. His dairies continued for over a year and one half. His obsession with his product, his paranoia of people and relationships would magnify tenfold as his addiction to drugs became his life. His actions and thought processes changed dramatically as time passed. The increase in paranoia stayed in tune with his increased dope ingestion.