Officer Down; the Killing of a Cop

Book covers for the published book of "Officer Down, The Killing of a Cop" by the lead investigator, Richard Williams. This book covers the crime of the murder in the community of Smith River, California.

This book is about the killing of a California Highway Patrolman. From the murder, capture, trial and the unexpected ending

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Front cover #1

Back cover #1

Excerpt: From the Book

The words over a police radio every officer fears. The sound of a strange voice speaking. He’s asking for someone to help him, to please help him, as an officer was down and needed help. On a warm Sunday evening, in the small, rural community of Smith River, California, a killing happened. A killing of a police officer. He was gunned down, in cold blood, while on a routine traffic stop.

The dispatcher listened intently as the strange voice asked if anyone could hear him. He was trying to operate the microphone on a police radio. He asked for help as an officer had been shot. He was very emotional, believing the officer was dead. He kept repeating his call for help but wouldn’t let go of the microphone button to allow anyone to answer him, After several pleas, he finally let go of the mic button and the dispatcher was able to answer him.